Priaire Village Rehab: Week 4

So we are starting week 4:

On Monday the Kitchen can lights were installed in the ceiling and new framing installed for a level ceiling. 

Drywall installed and tape and mud started. 

 Lighting for the shelves next to fireplace were installed with a single switch for both lights. 

Interior doors installed along with base trim. 

 More sanding on ceilings to get a smooth surface.  

 On Tuesday my foundation contractor called to let me know he messed up with the down payment we paid him to buy materials.  He wanted to get my job done but would need us to buy the material, because he spent the first draw.  This is why he has avoiding me for 2 weeks.  We did the steel and material take offs and paid over the phone to the company and met him to purchase the lumber needed to finish the job.   He started Thursday and will finish on Friday. 

 The Siding contractor arrived and started tearing off the old siding on the back side to install new insulation board and new siding. 


KCPL came and jumped the meter so our electrician can extend the mast above the roof line with a 2” pipe as required by the City inspector.    He will return on Sunday to complete his job.  This helps out as he turns power off for about 2 hours. 

 Wednesday our General contractor  installed wainscoting in the Dining room and need our decision about where to stop the trim. 

Thursday the trim continued along with more knock down texture applied for the ceilings in the Den, kitchen, and master bath. 

 Painting these three ceilings will be done as they dry either Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. 

Lighting for the bedrooms and hallway were installed, and a general clean up of house and debris. 

 A new Dumpster was set to finish the job and contain all the old siding being removed. 

 Friday the foundation work was completed. 

During the process of laying the ceramic tile in the Kitchen, we found that the tiles have chips on many on the tiles.  We will need to return the tiles to the supplier we bought from, and either pick out new tile or verify no chips on the exchanged tiles.  The Kitchen was able to be completed using good tiles only.  The contractor will return on Saturday to grout the tiles, so to be ready to set Cabinets on Monday.

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