Prairie Village: Week 2

We are just going into Week 2 of our Prairie Village Rehab here on our blog.  We want to get you caught up.

First to go back to before we started, we had to find a general contractor to supervise the entire project that was a licensed general contractor in Johnson County who could paid the fee to get a Prairie Village license and then be able to obtain our building permits:

Building Permit Prairie Village

Next you saw all the demo going on last week but you have not seen it all put cleaned up.  Take a look at the sub floor which is only slats, common for the era the home was built.  You can see through the slats to the basement.

Sub Floor

Sub Floor

The downstairs bath was being torn apart so it could be reassembled.

For example when they work on a bath and save a toilet to be reused, they are often relocated to a 2nd room:

Wayward Toilet

bath behind the walls

And now the tub has been taken out below:

removed bath tub

bathroom gut

The West exterior wall was replaced due to water rot damage to the structural studs, sill plate and rim joist.  Bracing was put into place to hold up the house, the old wall, sill plate and rim joist were removed, replaced and the wall re-framed.

rebuilding a wall

rebuild exterior wall

An exterior sheeting board was installed to protect this wall until windows and siding is installed and the inside was left open for wiring and for the building inspector so he could come and make sure we did everything correctly.

The East Wall of the same Den, needed to be re-built due to the new 6 foot French door and a matching window installed.

First we removed the old door:

removing old door

remove door

Then we opened up the wall and installed the new doors:

Enlarging a door openingNew French Doors

new patio doorsnew wall

Building Inspection is scheduled for next Thursday to examine the newly built walls.

While the walls are being re-built, crew members are installing all new drywall ceilings and appling tape and mud on seams and screw heads.

New drywall ceiling

The closet was built over the weekend in the Master Bedroom, which has new drywall installed.

The 19 steel beams for the foundation supports started today.  The holes were dug and the basement debris cleaned up.  We do not have photos of these as the contractor “paid his supplier to order” but they are not coming in.  The supplier for the steel beams was out of stock until Tuesday.  More on this later.

The new electrical will be run in Kitchen for outlets and 3 new can lights.

Plumbing in a Kitchen

We took Thursday off for Thanksgiving and had several different contractors back at the house on Friday to finish up the week.

Plumbing (new pex lines ) were installed in basement and connect with Kitchen and two baths by our main contractor.

The new 100 amp breaker box is was installed on Friday by the electrician.

Breaker Box

On Friday our Foundation contractor poured a 3 inch concrete cap over the existing patio, to correct negative drain and cover cracks as instructed by our Structural Engineer

New Patio

We are setting up the Mechanical inspections for next week.

The building department has indicated they want all three mechanicals inspected at once.

I talked with the Window/Siding contractor and set up window installation next week, Wed or Thursday.

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