Week 3 Written Summary

Week 12-6 to 12-10-2010

The windows were delivered over the weekend and scheduled for installation on Wednesday 12/8. 

 On Monday the HVAC contractor finished up his work by setting the A/C unit on the patio and replacing one cold air return pan in the basement. 

The electrician installed the 100 amp 30 circuit breaker box over the weekend, when no one was working.  He needs at least 2 hours to shut off the power to re-set the new box.  

The plumbing lines were completed on Monday, and the Hot water tank filled. 

Monday late afternoon, the crew began spraying a primer on all walls.

Tuesday they stated to spray a knock down texture on all ceilings throughout the house.  When dry, they then sprayed a white ceiling paint on all ceilings.

Windows were installed on Wednesday, while other work continued.  One window in the Kitchen was to narrow and was re-ordered by the window contractor, no charge to us. 

Thursday the new Hardwood floors were laid, no sanding or finish work at this time.  All interior doors and frames were installed.

We were scheduled for the 3 Mechanicals inspections on Thursday 12/9 at 3:30 PM.  Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC.  The inspector also wanted my contractor to brace the header over the 6 foot patio door with a 3 inch steel plate, and insulate the walls of the Den with R-13 rated fiberglass with paper backing.    

 The insulation and drywall was started in the Den, due to framing and inspection delays.  

The can lights and all plumbing in Kitchen ceiling was completed on Friday, drywall to be installed on Monday.   We had a change order to install under cabinets lights for the Kitchen.  It was not in the bid, but we decided it would be worth the extra money to have these lights over granite countertops.  All wiring for these lights was completed on Friday. 

By far this week has made the biggest change towards completion.  

 Over the weekend all floor tile, bath tile, shower tile, back splash for Kitchen was selected, along with the lighting, for next week’s installation.

No steel supports as of Friday.   Hmm, lesson in dealing with contractors I think?

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