Prairie Village Rehab: Week 1: Chimney & Trees

Well after some review with our Contractors and the city we determined that we needed a General Contractor who was licensed in Prairie Village.  We were able to secure a contractor and a few dollars later our renovation plans were approved and we were ready to start.

Two of our first projects that needed to be done were outside:  the Chimney and the Trees.  We want to have these two items taken care of so that the repairs themselves will not do any damage to the new roof.

Before we took the time to replace the roof we wanted to have the Chimney repaired.  It had loose and crumbling bricks on the top few rows that needed replaced.  A partner had a mason he recommended, who agreed to do the job.  He made the repairs, but instead of taking his debris away it was dumped in on the bushes and this was not realized until after he was paid.  He did go back to pick up the brick debris, but instead of taking it away, he dumped it in our trash cans.  We will have to have someone empty these cans, brick by brick until they are light enough to pick up.  Lesson here – don’t pay the contractor until they have fully completed the job, we are still working to get this across to everyone in our system.

The second project was the tree removal we talked about.  Here we found the value of working with a tree removal company vs Joe Bob and his chain saw.  The professional company had the equipment . . . pulleys and tackle to attach to trees and lower cut items to the ground and avoid the house all together.

All that’s left to do with the trees in the Video is for the tree guy to come back and grind out the stump of the tree in the front yard.  This has since been done.

We have also determined that it is a bit cold outside for the planting of new landscaping.  So in an effort to have live bushes when we list in January, we are considering trimming up the existing bushes and dealing with the grading on the outside of the house by hand – this will also save a few dollars.

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