Getting Bids – the Siding

prairie village rehab

When you take a look at the house in Prairie Village you see old, faded vinyl siding that has seen its better days.  Shutters are faded to a dusty rose.

On one side the siding is completely falling off.  In fact this entire wall will be rebuilt before new siding due to the water damage to the wall underneath.

prairie village

To find a good vinyl siding contractor, we used a technique we have used for years.  We called up a wholesale siding and window supplier, and asked him for the names and contacts of his two best installers.  Both were using the same materials from the same suppliers.

We want them to replace windows, wrap the fascia (the eaves under the roof that overhang over the side), and install the siding all together.  The window bid is separate. The gutter bid is separate.

Our bids included using a shake vinyl siding, along with vinyl replacement windows that were selected at the warehouse before the bids.  All windows were to have the grids in the windows.  Both bids came in higher than what we wanted to pay.  The second contractor suggested we go with the shake siding only on the front side and then install horizontal siding on the sides and back of the house, that cost much less.  We had our contractors re-bid the siding option and the windows with grids only in the front of the house, and solid glass on the sides and back.  This dropped the bids by up to $4,000.00 each.

The two contractors were comparing apples to apples.  Our final bids were about $1,500.00 difference between the two.  We went with the lower bid, based on the price, conversations with the contractors, and the perception of the ease of working with them on this project.

Our general contractor will need to be on-site replacing wood rot around a window, and framing in one 6 foot door, and 2 new windows, so I felt better about working with the siding contractor I selected.  Both contractors will need to work together when scheduling window replacement, due to the new framing that is required.

The gutter bid was given to the roofer, that was only $50.00 different.

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