Getting Bids: Hardwood Floors

Brazilian Tiger Wood

The property in Prairie Village has original hardwoods that have not had much maintenance over the years. The floor shows many deep scratches and holes.

Keep in mind the house was occupied by 12 dogs that seemed to rule the house as evidenced by the scratches and gouges in the hardwoods, trim, doors, and walls.

The 2 first floor bedrooms had carpet over the hardwoods, and when the carpet was pulled up, the floor was destroyed in our opinion, not to mention the smell.

Our hardwood contractor indicated that the bedrooms needed to be pulled up and replaced with new boards.  He thought that the main living and dining rooms had a chance to be sanded and brought back to life.  But he added every board he had to replace would cost an extra $10.00 per board.  We estimated maybe 40 boards would need to be replaced.  Estimate only for the 40 boards, it could be more.   If we replace the entire house, with new red oak boards or a new “Brazilian Tiger Wood” board (no relation), the cost would be about an additional $1,500.00 to $1,800.00.

By replacing the hardwoods with new, we are attempting to obtain the “WOW” factor when buyers walk through the front door, and will be impress with the first thing they see is the shinning new hardwoods.

To help our decision, we pulled back a base board to see if the hardwoods were laid to the wall or cut short at the base trim.  We found dog hair matted behind the base trim, and knew at that point we would have to replace the hardwoods and all the base trim.   We anticipated the smell had penetrated the hardwoods and in between down to the sub floor.   We will spray and treat the sub floor to rid the house of this smell.  Many people call this the smell of money.

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