Getting Bids at the Prairie Village Rehab – the Roof

Our first week on the rehab at the Prairie Village (PV) house was spent getting bids for all the rehab.  The next few posts will talk about those bids.

Today we are talking about the roof.

roof rehab prairie village

First we contacted 2 different roofers that we have worked with in the past to come over, take a look and give us a bid on a complete replacement of the roof.

This home has your normal pitched roof and a flat area over the 2nd floor bedroom that is a little unusual for a home.

We did observe roof leaks in this bedroom, although the flat roof section had a repair patch using a liquid tar.  The patch was a mess as it had dripped all down the side of the house and ruined the siding on that side – at least the look of the siding as it was covered with tar.

We also observed two layers of roofing material and some areas that looked a little soft. The roof bids included complete tear off, decking replacement as needed (those are the flat boards under the roof) and new roofing material.

We generally use what they call an architectural shingle – a brand name you might recognize is Timberline.  This type of shingle is a composition shingle made out of the same roofing material as the flat shingles, but they are thicker and have a 30 year life expectancies – they look like the ones in the photo above.

We anticipated bids from $5000 to $8,000 and both were right in line with that.  One bid came in about $1300 less than the other, although when they went to pull the permit, Prairie Village had a specific requirement on materials that increased our cost by $500 or so.

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