Prairie Village Rehab: Hardwood Floors

One of our major concerns with the hardwood floors at our home rehab in Prairie Village was the smell.  We could visually see that the wood was probably completely saturated with urine and smell in the bedrooms.

When we took investigation a step further and took off some of the baseboards we found that there was dog hair packed behind the baseboards.  It it our belief that we will find dog hair packed in between the hardwood planks through out the main floor, which is contributing to the smell.

Our other concern was that we might be able to solve the smell with chemicals, but would we remain smell free.  What happens if we could remove the smell, get the whole house renovated, and then the smell starts coming back a few days after we put it on the market for sale.  Then we can’t sell because the house stinks.

One response to “Prairie Village Rehab: Hardwood Floors

  1. My company specializes in odor control of homes. If you are interested I can do some research on this for you and see if we can help you in anyway. We also specialize in mold remedation. My phone number is 816-419-4305
    Email or call if you would like me to look into this for you.

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