Prairie Village Rehab: Garage Assessment

renovate a garageWhen we looked into this garage we found a standard 1 car garage with unfinished walls.  When we took a tour of garages in other homes in the area – to check out what is normal in this area, we found that most are not finished.

Watch our Video*

* Note when we first made this video we thought the garage door opener did not work.  We have since figured out that it was not installed correctly.  Rather than running a dedicated electrical connection, the light bulb was removed and an outlet screwed in.  Then then plugged the opener into the light socket.  So if the light switch is turned on, the garage door opener works.  Of course if you want light in the garage, you are out of luck.  Our plan is to wire the garage door opener properly so it works independent of the light fixture and to order replacement clickers.

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