Priarie Village Rehab: Roof Inspections

roof issuesWe’re still looking at outside issues at our home we are renovating in Prairie Village.  Today we are looking at the roof.

We are estimating that the roof was probably replaced in 1999 when it was rehabbed, but we don’t really know.  We can tell that it does have 2 layers and while most of the pitched roof does not leak, the flat roof portion at the back has leaked quite badly.

Further in checking out codes in the city of Prairie Village, KS the limit of layers of roofing is only 1.  Most areas we renovating in on the Missouri side, will allow up to 3 layers of roof.  So with the code being only 1 layer, we need a complete tear off.

Watch the video:

Our new roofs generally include new decking as architectural roofing shinglesneeded and a architectural roofing shingle that are generally more substantial and have a estimated life of 30 years as opposed to 20 years that regular composition shingles (like we see on the home currently.)

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